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Sponsor a Tire for a Driver!

Any driver listed on has submitted a registration entry for the Dirt Million event.  One of the largest expenses for a team is their Hoosier Racing Tires.  This is typically an expense that driver’s have to cover on their own.  However, the Dirt Million offers the ability for an individual to sponsor a specific driver and cover some of their costs for the Dirt Million.  It is undoubtedly a great way to not only support the event but to show your support directly towards a specific driver of your choice!

Sponsoring and paying for a tire is non-refundable and non-transferable.  All sales are final.  Registered driver’s are not required to compete in the Dirt Million and do so voluntarily.  A registered driver’s attendance is not guaranteed.  A driver must compete in the Dirt Million in order to accept and receive the tire or tires you sponsored for them and those sponsored tires are only available to them at the Dirt Million event and onsite.

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Austin Rettig, Benjamin Mott, Billy Moyer, Jr, Blake Bailey, Bobby Pierce, Brandon Sheppard, Brett Bee, Brian Boman, Casey Noonan, Chase Junghans, Chris Ferguson, Chris Simpson, Chuck Hummer, Colton Flinner, Dan Angelicchio, Dale McDowell, Dave Hess, Dennis Erb, Jr, Devin Moran, Doug Drown, Earl Pearson, Gordy Gundaker, Greg Oakes, Hudson O'Neal, Jason Henderson, Jason Jameson, Jason Miller, Jeff Alsip, Jimmy Owens, Jonathan Davenport, Josh Pensis, Kyle Bronson, Logan Roberson, Matt Irey, Max Blair, Mitch Caskey, Ricky Weiss, Robby Hensley, Russ Fronhapfel, Ryan Markham, Ryan Scott, Scott Bloomquist, Shane Clanton, Shannon Babb, Shannon Buckingham, Steve Casebolt, Steven Sabo, Tyler Erb, Tyler Horst, Wayne Maffett, Jr